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Legacy Billing Management

Take Your Time Back

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About Legacy Billing Management

You Asked, We Listened!

Our mission at Legacy Billing Management is simple: to solve the complex issues everyone in the provider business has had from day one:  Getting the money that you requested;  Whatever the solution, that's what we will pursue. Like clockwork.

Professional Services

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Timesheet and Record Solutions

Digitize the Past and Future

Overnight processing; No entries necessary; We scan and archive timesheets weekly, comparing to and editing the EVV system as needed, to make sure your billing and payroll are as reconciled as possible.  We inform you weekly as to PA issues, missing time, unbillable time, Medicaid spend-downs, and any other issues that can delay your cash flow.

Payroll Services

Done Right the First Time

Legacy Billing Management offers a full payroll service.  Debit cards at no cost to the employer or employee, less expensive than what you're paying for now, and no need for you to spend hours doing tedious data entry. We handle everything from beginning to end.  Stop the payroll hassle now and get your time back.

Submission and Reconciliation

Computerized Communication

We submit your approved finalized file to Medicaid,  and automatically Reconcile the results week after week! Know what happens to every single dollar from beginning to end. Automatically Resolve Billing Issues without ever having to enter one line into a billing software!  Cleanup is constant and automatic.

Our Testimonials

Young Businesswoman

I had no idea I even needed this!  It has saved me so much time, headache, compliance worries, and MONEY!
--Region 1

Happy Senior Couple

We were tired of the hassle.  Every week, worried about billing, every 2 weeks worried about payroll, worried about audits. Now we can spend time working with our clients instead of for them.

--Region 8

Senior Businessman

I don't use all the services, but the billing service itself is great.  Constant reconciliations and I know where every dollar is, whether its been paid or not, and even what to do next to fix it.
--Region 7

We didn't think a company had automated this whole process.  I saved money on employee costs, payroll, compliance, even true cost accounting, as well as tax write-offs I didn't even know existed in this business.
-Region 2

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